Farr Venture Capital Fund looks for teams with technology related expertise – people whose current venture is directly related to fields in which they have experienced success and gained valuable knowledge.


A product or service based on intellectual property that provides a competitive differentiation with demonstrable, measurable benefits.


A product or service must address a large, growing and measurable market (new or existing). In addition, a clearly defined go-to-market strategy is critical.


Financial forecasts should be built with capital efficiency in mind. First round funding must take the company to meaningful milestones that build tangible business value.

                             INVESTMENT  STAGES:
*Startup / Seed:    $25,000.00 to $2,000,000.00
*Early Stage:   $50,000.00 to $3,000,000.00

Farr Venture Capital Fund (FVCF) Investment Portfolio Include Industries of Focus:


                                                *START UP  INVESTMENT(S):  

*Web Based Technologies       *Life Science       *Insurance Technology             *Clean Tech       *E-commerce    

*Food Beverage      *Environment            *Green           *Renewable Energy             *Digital Wireless

*Cloud / Data          *Cyber Security              *Commodities              *Pharmaceuticals     *Sustainable Tech & Solutions

 ***Seeking areas that have been under-served, overlooked or are in Enterprise Zones and Re-Investment Areas.

Farr Venture Capital Fund approach is seeking the very best opportunities for the fund and returning an excellent above average return for our investors in our core focus areas.  This will save you money, time and headaches the first time you work with us. Entrepreneurs are busy working hard, so they can't be expected to know everything - that's why you select Farr Venture Capital Fund to consult you on any and all business matters relating to your global prosperity.

Farr Venture Capital Fund care sincerely about your future, re-investment communities, investors and we are strategically geared to out perform your expectations from the standpoint of success.

       Investment  Criteria

As a venture capital fund, we seek the best opportunities that we may provide and add value that will increase the maximum potential for exceptional returns on every Start Up Investment. To generate these excellent returns, we seek highly focused leaders and individuals whose precised vision is equaled by their streamlined capacity to perform under any situation.

Farr Venture Capital Fund, Inc